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Leveling up is your key to personal and professional growth. It’s a concept that will help you grow as an entrepreneur and sustain that growth. When an entrepreneur takes a fall and doesn’t bounce back, it’s usually because they haven’t leveled up. So, what does leveling up mean?

Put simply, leveling up is planning for and executing growth, and then putting in a new base at a higher level than you were previously at. The principle can be applied to whatever you do, in your business life and your personal life.

If you want to climb Mount Everest, you don’t just set to and do it. You plan, prepare, and practice. You learn the skills that you need to take every step. And when you’re at the foot of the mountain looking up, you know it’s a journey that you’re ready to make.

So, you start, and you get a few hundred feet, and you pitch your camp. On the next leg of the journey, you climb some more but leave the camp you pitched where it stands. A couple of thousand feet higher, you make another camp. Then you climb some more. If something goes wrong – say a storm sets in – you have that second camp to return to. If that storm doesn’t come, you climb some more and set a third camp, at a higher level. Each camp you set gives you a new safety net. A higher level to bounce back from if you need to. That’s leveling up.

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